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U.S. English Tutoring for intermediate or advanced English students NO BEGINNERS. Pronunciation/Accent/Vocabulary/Speaking/Confidence building/training.

Английский язык 26.08.2011

Hey, my name is Shamil, currently 23 years of age. I am a dynamic, versatile, and enthusiastic young man, with dual-native languages. Russian being my first mother-tongue, and English as my second. Due to moving to the United States at the age of 9 and learning very early on, I am fluent in both and consider them my native languages. As a child, I was not permitted to speak Russian at home, which allowed me to completely submerge myself in the English language. This almost made me forget Russian, allowing the English to take over completely. Later on I had to refresh my Russian at the age of 14 by spending a year in the country studying with a language coach. It all came back to me quickly due to the fact that it’s my first language. As a result I speak both fluently with no accent, specializing in all of the different dialects spoken in the United States.
Language is in my genes, I have a high aptitude for learning new languages, I am also currently learning Spanish and Arabic through Rosetta Stone. My mother majored in Philology and Linguistics. I finished High School here in the states, currently still reside here and attend University of Central Florida, majoring in Linguistics and Philology. However, I travel back and forth from the U.S. to Russia on a regular basis. I am also working part-time with Rosetta Stone as an Online Tutor with Russian and English students, tutoring people in both languages.
I want to make language my career. The last two years I have worked in Moscow as a translator with Vyacheslav Mazurov, a highly respected translator in Moscow. His website address is http://moscow-translator.ru. He is also one of my references, feel free to contact him and inquire about me if you have any questions or doubts.
I have bounced around in life a lot, not knowing what I want to pursue in life, but now I have figured it out for sure. In the past I’ve worked various jobs in the US, learning a little bit here and there, in different fields, an experience that allowed me to try perform many tasks, broadening my horizons. I speak perfectly fluent US ENGLISH and RUSSIAN. Since I am currently not in the Russian Federation ( I will be coming back to Moscow sometime early 2012) I can only offer online tutoring via skype or other messenger software for the time being. When I go to Moscow, sometime next spring, we can continue our sessions in person if you prefer.
I am looking for intermediate or advanced students only. No Beginners. If you have trouble fully comprehending my information and bio, email me and I will send you the Russian version. Yet again, if you have trouble understanding what I wrote here, then you are probably not the right candidate for my program.
Each program is tailor made specifically for each student , so before we start, we will need to talk via skype, so I can assess your English proficiency, and subsequently determine the right program for you.

I am not a certified teacher of english, I have not yet received my degree in Philology & Linguistics, but I am well on my way. However I guarantee that my English is better than anyone else you will find on this site. I have deep and extensive knowledge of the language. I write poetry and compose essays with ease. Plus, I speak fluent Russian, so I can explain all the details and nuances of the language to you in your own native language. Correct you mistakes, build your vocabulary and confidence while speaking English, and practically eliminate your accent by helping you understand the fundamental differences of the Russian and English languages. Your pronunciation and confidence will improve. My services are perfect for people who are trying to relocate to or go live in the U.S. in the near future.

Contact me, and we will talk, negotiate the right price for you, depending on your level of English proficiency and the amount of time you are willing to spend with me per week. The more you learn, the cheaper the price. My prices are negotiable.

my email is: Jstalin_1945@yahoo.com
my skype name is: RhymesGalore62388
Phone Number (US): 386-275-8781
you can also find me Vkontakte.ru/dukedagod

I am available almost 24/7, even while I am at my University. The only times I am unavailable to run my sessions is when I am working with Rosetta Stone, which is only about 10 hours per week.


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